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Welcome to 
Dyrøy Holiday



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You can choose between cabin or apartment when you stay at Dyrøy Holiday. Both are spacious and has room for 5-10 people, with oceanview and walking distance to outside-jacuzzi.



Dyrøy holiday is situated in calm and lush surroundings at the end of the road on the island of Dyrøy. The island is sheltered from the open ocean by Senja. The legend tells that the famous Norwegian Viking chief Tore Hund (“Thor the Hound”) had his reindeer on the island and from that time the island is called Dyrøy - the animal island.

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About Ragna & Ragnar

We moved out to the small island Dyrøy after falling in love with this lush nature and gorgoeus view.


Laying sheltered from rough weather on the inner side of Senja this place is perfect to spend the rest of our lives. Taking care of eachother and taking care of this beautiful property at the end of the road in what we find to be one the most beautiful locations in northern Norway. 


We look forward to greet you at Dyrøy Holiday!

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