Vacation in Dyrøy

Enjoy the many leisure facilities found in Dyrøy


Shipwrecks and sport diving

In the waters around Dyrøya there are several shipwrecks that are regularly visited by sport divers.
The best known are the steamer «DS Sirius», which sank north of Dyrøya in 1940, and «DS Elise Schulte» which sank in 1942.
The wreck of «DS Elise Schulte» is also marked by a buoy and is a popular destination for divers.

Contact Dyrøy boat association for more information.



Nordavindshagen (eng: northerly winds garden) contains the collection of the writer Arvid Hanssens collected works.

Arvid Hansen (b. 1932) was a Norwegian author and poet from Senja, and received government scholarship in 1993 for his poetry. Many of the most beloved poems are tone set and the books and his poems are translated into English, Swedish, Danish and Sami.

The building (designed by architect Viggo Ditlevsen) is named after Arvid Hanssens first poetry collection «In the North-Wind Garden» which came out in 1977.
Arvid Hansen was a modern poet who pursued a minimalist expression. This is the basis for the design of the building. The house, with its «crooked» walls and sloping roof, imitates the board boat metaphor Arvid Hansen used in the poem «Mijnns you» (eng: Do you remember).

More information about Nordavindshagen here.


Dyrøy has much to offer for those interested in history and culture. In the mountains of Kastnes you can see traces of the Ice Age, where there are large blocks moved by the ice for thousands of years ago. On Dyrøya you can see traces of Stone Age settlements, and visit the beautiful Dyrøy church built in 1880. The museums also provides a fascinating insight into how life was in Dyrøy in the old days.

Heimly Museum is a so called combination farm. A type of farming that was common in the past where the wife worked at home while her husband was out on season fishing. The exhibition displays interiors and artifacts from around 1830 until the 1960s. Contact the tourist information (phone +47 47 48 05 84 / for agreement on tour.

Kastnes Museum is a farm museum that consists of the farmhouse, barn and a shack. The main house has interior displays in all rooms. Please contact Kastnes Museum for more information about opening hours and tours.


Midsummer Festival is a memory for life in the heat of the midnight sun!
During the festival the Market Day is held with a buzz in the downtown area. Here you will find stalls where people from the local community and the region present and sell their products, and if you get hungry or thirsty you can enjoy local specialties.
Contact Dyrøyseminarsenteret for more information about the Midsummer Festival.

Mutton stew festival is all gourmets dream. It celebrates Norway’s national dish: lamb meat cooked in cabbage with spices. During the festival you can walk between the square dealers’ stalls. They offer exciting dining experiences, and other local specialties.
During Mutton Stew Festival in Dyrøy the focus is put on local food and food culture, and this happens through popular and academic events such as exhibitions, concerts and seminars. There is something to enjoy for everyone. You get many different perspectives on food culture and tradition – all in a framework of excitement and enthusiasm!

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