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Experience the Midnight Sun, Northern Lights and the northern Norwegian nature

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Dyrøy Holiday is at the southern end of the inner side of the island Dyrøya, in Dyrøy municipality.

Since the Stone Age the island Dyrøya has been a sheltered harbor and a base for fishing at sea.
Here at Dyrøy Holiday are many opportunities for those seeking tranquility and exciting experiences during the Northern Lights amazing showWith us you can experience the clear Northern Lights while taking walks in stunning scenery, or you can see it from a dog sled while eager trekking dogs bring you into the adventurous winter landscape. Here you can relax in peaceful surroundings while you fish in the sea, by boat or from land.

If you really want close contact with the sea, you can take wonderful kayaking in the fjord along high-rise mountainsides, or enjoy the view from the hot tub located at the water’s edge after taking a swim in the fresh Arctic sea water. The possibilities are many with us!

an adventure by the sea

winter dream

At Dyrøy Holiday everything is prepared to give you the exciting and contentious winter experience.


Here you will experience the Northern Lights wild dance in the night sky at our northern lights safaris, whether you choose to take a leisurely walk or if you want to see the northern lights from the dog sled with eager sled dogs in front.

You can also experience the adventurous winter nature in northern Norway by joining our snowshoeing and kicksledge trips, or taking a ski trip and visiting one of the many majestic mountain peaks in Dyrøy along with our guides.

If you want to explore the sea, we recommend a kayak trip in the exciting Arctic Ocean, or take a refreshing saltwater bath in the Arctic Ocean in combination with our sauna and hot tub, which is located right on the beach.
At Dyrøy Holiday there are also many possibilities for sea fishing, whether you choose to take the big fish offshore or if you use our fishing boats.

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See the beautiful scenery of northern Norway and the comfortable accommodation of Dyrøy Holiday

dog sledding

Experience the most beautiful adventure and a true norwegian lifestyle in a fairytale artic wilderness and be a musher on a sledge pulled by adorable Alaskan huskies. We have a break in the middle where you get the oppurtunity to interact, cuddle, play, have a husky kiss and fall in love with a husky


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We offer accommodation in our lodge, which is a pine log build in close partnership with the environment right by the sea.

With stunning views of the beautiful Dyrøy fjord, you will enjoy modern amenities and furniture. The lodge also has a well-equipped kitchen with a dishwasher.

Location and communications

Dyrøya is located in Troms county in northern Norway, just south of Norway’s second largest island Senja. The nearest city is Finnsnes with a driving distance of about 67 km to the north.

The city of Harstad is located 105 km away, and the city of Tromsø is located approximately 204 km away.

The city of Tromsø

The capital of Troms county, with Tromsø Airport.

The city of Harstad

Nearby Evenes Airport

Bardufoss Airport

Nearest airport

Dyroy Holiday

By car

If you come by car from the south on highway E6, turn off at the Tennevoll-junction, and follow highway 84 past the village Sjøvegan. From Sjøvegan it takes about 1 hour to drive forward Mikkelbostad.
You can also drive by car from the city of Harstad via ferry connection from Stangnes to Sørrollnes. The drive from Harstad to Mikkelbostad will take about 2.5 hours. The ferry crossing takes 40 minutes and the ferry has good capacity, but be on the safe side and arrive early on weekends and holidays.
If you come from north on the highway E6, turn off at the village Andselv and follow the highway 86 up to the village Sørreisa. From Sørreisa follow highway 84 until Dyrøy, a drive of about half an hour.

Information on schedules and travel planning

By air

The nearest airport is Bardufoss Airport, located about 75 km from Dyrøy, a drive of about 1 hour and 16 minutes.
From Oslo there are daily flights all year between Oslo Airport Gardemoen and Bardufoss Airport.
By Bardufoss Airport it is possible to rent a car, and there are also regular bus services to Dyrøy.
Tromsø Airport is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes away by speed passanger boat, and Harstad/Narvik Airport Evenes is located approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes away by speed passanger boat and bus.
For more information about the flights contact the airlines SAS, Norwegian and Widerøe.
Contact us if you wish to be picked up at the airport!

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